crime scene *amirite*

this is fun. i may be a famous person and you won't even know >:D
anyway, please stop by, have a cup of whatever you drink (if you prefer to eat from a cup, you're also always welcome), leave me a message if you want to ask something :) ok, cool, enjoy your stay!
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This is how I die.

anonymous asked: Bucky or Steve?

Thomas “T.J.” Hammond | Political Animals s01e01

During a game of ‘Sibling-wed,’ it’s revealed that Chris once tricked his younger brother (Scott) into peeing his pants. x


Bearded Dragon with cardboard by cardboard artist 鍾凱翔 Zhongkai Xiang




Mexican gray wolf yawning by T Wheatley

baby huskies wouldn’t stop fighting over a toy until mommy comes to stop them

❝ You may call me sir or lord cumberbatch. ❞

- Benedict’s answer to be asked if someone could call him Benedict. (via lesparagus)

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